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    G3 TweaksBox 1.0

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    Current Features:

    Tinted Bars MOD
    • Tint status bar according to the action bar
    • Status bar shadow on apps
    • Link status and navigation bar color

    Status Bar Tweaks
    • Status Bar color
    • Hide status bar shadow on home
    • Battery tweaks(color,size,hide)
    • Circle Battery(with custom style,color,animations)
    • Status bar icon colors
    • Hide status bar icons
    • Change status bars' icon set
    • Clock tweaks(position,color,style,html,hide)
    • Carrier tweaks(visibility,color,custom text,custom size)
    • Brightness changing with sliding the status bar

    Navigation Bar Tweaks
    • Navigation Bar color
    • Hide navigation bar shadow on home
    • Button colors
    • Button glow color
    • Navigation bar size
    • Button scaling
    • Button long pressing actions(with many actions and custom timeout)
    • Up to 7 buttons in the navigation bar
    • Replace QMemo with Search button

    Ring Pad Tweaks
    • Up to 5 custom apps
    • Disable ringpad option

    Notification Panel Tweaks
    • Custom background for each element
    • Custom color for each element
    • Options to hide elements
    • Custom app on clock button pressing
    • Custom carrier text

    Quicksettings Panel Tweaks
    • Custom background
    • Custom toggle color
    • Hide label buttons
    • Add brightness tile

    Recent Apps Window Tweaks
    • Hide buttons
    • Add Clear button(AOSP style with a long pressing option)
    • Add Ram Bar(with custom colors)

    Other UI Tweaks
    • Complete notification row customization
    • Complete volume panel customization
    • List overscroll edge/glow colors

    Calls tweaks
    • Call Recording
    • Auto Call Recording
    • Set Call History as Default Tab
    • Enable Noise Suppression

    Messages tweaks
    • Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app option
    • New Message screen off option
    • Increase recipient limit to 100
    • Enhance zoom range
    • Add sent time stamp to msg details

    Lockscreen tweaks
    • Enable QuickUnlock
    • Enable Rotation
    • Disable carrier text and icon
    • Use squared icons
    • Hide alarm info
    • Hide charging info
    • Hide pattern string
    • Hide swype string
    • Hide Knock code string and brackets
    • Hide statusbar clock
    • Show Remaiming Attemps
    • Enable Easy UI

    Notification tweaks
    • Hide input switcher notification
    • Disable charging plug/unplug notifications
    • Hide full battery notification
    • Hide AC charging notification
    • Hide slow charging notification
    • Hide wireless charging notification
    • Hide verizon notifications
    • Hide Quietmode schedule notification
    • Hide Battery saver notification
    • Hide Low Battery Dialog
    • Hide Airplane Mode Dialog
    • Disable Data roaming notification and popup
    • Disable voice mail notifications
    • Disable voice roaming notification

    Camera Tweaks
    • Disable Shutter Sound
    • Disable Video Recording Sounds
    • Disable Camera Sound
    • Disable Focus Sounds
    • Disable low battery check

    Sound tweaks
    • Disable Safety HeadSet Volume
    • Auto Expand Volume Panel
    • Skip Tracks with volume Keys
    • More Volume Steps
    • Disable Volume adjust sounds
    • Link Ringtone and notification volume

    LED Tweaks
    • Change default led color for missed call
    • Change default led color for incoming call
    • Change default led color for missed messages

    Launcher Tweaks
    • Hide icon labels from the homescreen
    • 8 Hotseat items
    • Custom Grid on homescreen
    • Hide Tabs on App Drawer
    • Hide icon labels from the App Drawer
    • Custom Grid Size on App Drawer
    • Hide Clock On Launcher
    • Enable LG Launcher Hidden Settings

    Misc tweaks
    • Enable All Rotations
    • Freeze rotation to the current one(disable forced rotation to potrait when you disable auto rotation)
    • Disable Navigation Bar
    • More items in powermenu
    • Disable the power menu when device is locked
    • Volume button actions while LCD is idle.
    • Show Extended Kernel Info
    • Disable Overflow menu button
    • Disalbe full-screen keyboard in landscape mode
    • Enable Knock OFF on Navigation Bar

    How To INSTALL:
    1)Download and install Xposed Framework
    2)Download and install the apk
    3)Open G3 TweaksBox and apply mods you like.
    Now the blurring process on notification panel is synced
    Fixed: Now the data roaming alert won't pop up at every boot.
    Added Italian and French translation.
    Fixed FC on sprint devices when changing status bar icon set
    Added blur notification panel option
    Other minor bug fixing
    Fixed bug with the custom grid on the app drawer
    Fixed unworking incoming led color option
    Added: Now you can move the clock on the left
    Added "Restore Menu button" option
    The code for hiding sliders has been reworked
    Theme tweaks icon reworked
    Fixed other minor bugs
    1.0 BETA1:
    Initial Release . THIS BETA WILL EXPIRE ON June 27

    Rovo89 for this hard work
    C3C076 of gravitybox for: some snippets for brightness status sliding, ticker animations hooks,the method to retrive the cm battery height , the runnable to get ram info
    Someone(i could not understand who is the original coder) for the sendmediabuttonevent function
    Sven Dawitz of CM for circle battery class
    Aydee for the application icon

    Nguồn: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2792242
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    • Mở qua IMEI, trực tiếp trên servers Apple !
    • Thời gian chờ chỉ 1-24h, 100% thành công !
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    Hướng dẫn cạo camera lg g2, g3....
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    How can i install and use Navigation Bar Themes ?
    1)Download the themes
    2)Install them ( they are apk files)
    3)Open System Settings------------->Dislay------->Front Touch Buttons-------------->Color and choose your theme

    How can i remove the AM/PM from the clock on the status bar ?
    You have to use a custom html style to remove it:

    1)Theme Tweaks----------->StatusBar--------------->Clock Style------------>Custom HTML Style
    2)Then click on custom HTML format and enter without quotes:
    ----------------"hh:mm" (if you want 12h)
    ----------------"kk:mm" (if you want 24h)
    Read other patterns you can use here
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    Đúng phần mình cần. Thanks bác.
    P/s: Mình có dùng room vdt 4 cho bản g2 dcm của bác. Nhưng k thấy phần ghi âm cuộc gọi bác ơi. Chỉ giúp mình với.
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    V3 cua g2 dcm dùng được không anh?
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    Anh ơi bao h thì anh làm rom này cho g2 320 vậy anh ? Vdt
    msmobile thích bài này.
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    Mod pin nằm ngang và số % nằm ở giữa Pin trong phần nào của G3 TWeakBox vậy Bác?Thank Bác trước.
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    Trắc bác VDT sắp cho em nó ra đời rồi bác ạ .
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    Bác Vandieutot cho hỏi có Xposed Framework cho android 5.0 Lolipop chưa.

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