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    ioroot latest update jun172014

    ioroot is an untethered jailbreak for LG android phones and tablets.
    Gain full administrator access to your device to run cool themes and neat apps that require root.

    G3 models supported by IOroot jailbreak:
    F400K/L/S - 4.4.2 10A/10B
    LS990 - 4.4.2 ZV2
    D855 - 4.4.2 XXX
    D850 - 4.4.2 10D

    To see a list of all IOroot supported devices click the button below...


    Now accepting donations to get my own LG G3 [​IMG]

    EFS Backup:

    About IOroot

    IOroot was originally a Windows script to root the LG G2 on 4.2.2 made by IOMonster.
    It was based on the original adb backdoor found by GiantPune and later posted by jcase.
    The script has grown to support various other LG devices on Android 4.0 - 4.4.2...
    Supported devices include LG Optimus G, G2, G3, G Pro, G Pro 2, G Flex and G Pad just to name a few.
    4.4.2 recovery root (kk_root.zip) by autoprime. IOroot 12 + by autoprime.

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